The SABRE-SCAN – A FARO Focus-based high performance mobile mapping system solution in a compact and light-weight package.

Product Overview

SABRE Advanced 3D has developed a ‘dual use’ mobile mapping system which combines the attributes of the FARO Focus and the GNSS/IMU systems package of its (Sabre) UAV system. This ‘highly portable system, enables existing users of the FARO Focus to conduct mobile mapping survey operations with their Focus units with the minimum of financial investment and learning curve. The results are impressive. This product is easily transported by air and may be assembled and installed on any vehicle within minutes. PC operation and DC battery power from the vehicle complete the system requirements.

Product Details

Laser scanners:

The SABRE-Scan system can be offered with many off the shelf laser scanning heads which can be arranged in many ways depending on your requirements.

Our recommended system uses all types of Faro Laser Scanners.

Position and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
Please contact us for optional IMU models which best suits your accuracy requirements.

Dimensions and weight:
Height: 475mm. Width: 305mm. Length: 430mm
Overall weight = 12kg (inc scanner) 6kg (ex scanner

System requires laptop PC

Product Benefits

  • SABRE mobile mapping systems are small, lightweight and can be attached to most vehicle platforms such as: quads, pickup trucks, cars, tractors, boats and small helicopters. The choice is yours!
  • Dual use: If you already have a FARO Focus 3D scanner, we can integrate your scanner to the SABRE positioning pod. You can remove the scanner from the Pod when required, to use the Focus for tripod based operations.
  • Reduce your survey time as you easily plug-and-play with your Faro Focus
  • Collect data safely in the confinement of your vehicle
For the purposes of mobile mapping FARO Scene Software is not required in the Workflow. SABRE software and QINSy is used to generate the point cloud data. Trimble Applanix Post-Processing software can be used to optimise the trajectory solution for the produced point cloud solution.

Field Operations and Processing

A laptop is required for field operations and data processing for the SABRE-Scan Mobile mapping system.

A GPS Base Station is not provided with the kit, however, a base station such as Trimble or Leica that is able to log in Rinex file format (e.g. Rinex File format 2.11) can be used as a base station or alternatively a third-party correction service.

The SABRE-Scan mobile mapping system is sold separately for Use with Your FARO Focus3D Laser Scanners from a dealer/other. The SABRE-Scan system is compatible with the range of FARO Focus3D Laser Scanners (model X330, X130, X30, S120).

Each SABRE-Scan Kit comes with Hardware and Software for Dual FARO Laser Scanners (2 FARO’s, Upward and Downward Positions). Supplied with the SABRE-Scan Kit there are two (2) FARO SABRE Helical Adaption Plates.

SABRE-Scan with Dual FARO Positions:
The SABRE-Scan has two mounting positions that can be used to mount and operate a single laser scanner in either the upward or downward position, with the additional capability to mount two (2) laser scanners simultaneously.

SABRE-Scan Kit supplied with Software capability and hardware to enable Upward and Downward mounting positions.

An option to fit one / two FARO Focus Laser Scanners with the choice to mix or match the choice of model.


The Ladybug can be used with the SABRE-Scan mobile mapping for Georeferenced Imagery.

Our systems have been comprehensively developed to simplify operations by integrating the best available off-the-shelf products and bringing them together by using SABRE’s custom developed software. This allows for future flexibility by having the ability to incorporate a wide variety of lasers, IMUs and other accessories.

FARO Focus Based Product Solution | LiDAR Mobile Mapping Product Overview

SABRE-Scan™ Ground-Based Terrestrial LiDAR Mobile Mapping Product Solution to generate High-Definition 3D point clouds with high-precision and absolute accuracy.


Key Benefits:

  • Map large areas from the safety of your own vehicle at up to highway speeds.
  • Map highways and roads quickly without the need for road closure.
  • Rapid-Deployment, Quick-Capture.
  • Transportable for World-Wide Service Operations.
  • Simple Roof-Mounting Two-Point Attachment Design.
  • Flexible Mounting Land Vehicle On-Road, Off-Road, Marine, Rail and more.
  • Optimise use of already owned FARO Focus3D Laser Scanners.
  • High-Resolution 3D As-Built scanning data collection. Dense Point Cloud for detailed extraction. High degree of confidence in identification and classification.
  • With Survey-Grade Products Solutions available.
  • Modular and Upgradable.

Key Features:

  • Simply attaches to your vehicle with a two-point roof mounted rack assembly.
  • Power supply:
  • The SABRE SCAN Mobile mapping system can be run on 12 to 32 volt power supply via vehicle power system or a standalone battery pack.
  • Interchangeable Laser Design.
  • Upgradable IMU.
  • Expansion-Port for Optional External Georeferenced Video Camera Panoramic Imagery.


  • Processing Productivity: 1:1 Ratio Collection-time vs Post-Scanning Processing Time dependant on settings.

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